Our Process

Step by step, we achieve your goals.

01 Initial Discussion

Each project here at Awlter begins the same way. We start phase 1 by listening to your ideas, reviewing your concepts and discussing the goals you’re looking to achieve. This step provides the necessary foundation for the Awlter team to take your concepts and transform them into a reality.

We're available to discuss your project in person, over the phone, email or through a Skype conference call.

02 Client Follow Up

Following our initial discussion of your project the Awlter team reviews the information and concepts provided. We then contact you through your preferred method to verify you have no additional ideas, wireframes, or overall modifications.

Phase 2 ensures that both the Awlter team and client are on the same page throughout the process and into phase 3.

03 Design Phase

Phase 3 brings together everything discussed in the previous two phases. John will utilize this information to begin crafting your website using the latest technology.

Once the designs are near completion, the client will be contacted for a design review which leads us into phase 4.

04 Design Review

Following the completion of phase 3, the Awlter team will present you with the design for each requested page. If your project requires multiple page designs then individual previews may be sent upon their completion.

We will listen to your feedback and correct any changes (if any) prior to rolling into phase 5.

05 Coding Phase

Easily the most exciting part of our 6-step process is phase 5. During this step Garrett will break down the design into a validated HTML5/CSS3 website. We ensure that your website will be suited for desktops, tablets and mobile phones alike.

Once the coding is near completion, the client will be contacted for a review which leads us into our final phase.

06 Finalize

Woohoo! During this phase we complete your website by filling in the content you want. At this time we ask you to go over your new site carefully and provide information for adjustments (if any). We don’t consider our job completed until you’re 100% satisfied.

Upon completition you may leave a review.