How to Make Siri Say Things in iOS 14 (When Charging) – Cool Tricks

Through its official website, Apple claims Siri, which is present on iOS 14, is 20 times smarter than Siri three years ago.

For example, the user can now ask Siri to send an audio message in which Siri will start recording the message instantly, while a small Siri bubble will appear at the top of the screen with recording controls. Siri will occur via a little bubble at the bottom of the screen, instead of filling the screen like before.

Now, with all the improvements that Apple made people ask the question could Siri say things when plugged or charged? Do not worry more people down below, I already put the best solution for you who really want to use this cool tricks with the brand new iOS 14.

To make Siri say things in iOS 14, Go to App Store, Download, and Open Shortcut by Apple, then go to Automations, Click the “+” at the top, go To Charger, then write anything that you want to Siri say when charging your iPhone. Done. The more clear tutorial you can see in the video down below.

Some little tips for you who just download the app and turns out the Siri sound so quiet and not very clear, you can turn your phone on and off after you guys setting the App on your iOS 14 iPhone. Also, if the above tips don’t work, you need to go back and delete that command you just made and then make a new one and test it before you click done. to test it, just click the arrow on the bottom right and then also make sure you have “don’t ask” off.

Voila, now you can make siri say things even when unplugged your iOS 14 iPhone from the charge. Finally, if you have any comment on “How to Make Siri Say Things in iOS 14” Feel free to leave comment below.

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