How to Make Shortcuts Faster on iOS 14

As we all know, Apple’s latest iOS 14 operating system comes with many new features such as a new homepage with widgets, a redesigned Siri interface, the ability to set browser and email apps to default, and much more.

With all the improvements stated above, the question raised, can we create a shortcut on the latest iOS 14 and put it on our iPhone home screen? Take it easy, because below, I will explain an easy and fast way to create shortcuts on iOS 14.

To make shortcuts faster on iOS 14, you need to download the “OneNee” App on your App Store. Then, Open the app. Click the “+” button on your upper right. The options list will show up, you can choose whatever categories you want to choose as your shortcuts, then after you decide the shortcuts you want, click “add to action” and name your shortcuts. If you want your shortcuts, you’ve just made go to your Home Screen, click and hold until the “+” button shows in your upper left. Click it and find the app. You can search it by typing “Shortcuts”. pick the shortcuts you’ve just made, and Voila now you have the shortcuts on your home screen.

The video above will give you a better explanation of how to implement the Shortcuts App rightly. Make sure you already update your operating system to iOS 14 before you are using this App, cause it only works on the latest iOS 14.

I know Siri’s shortcuts can look complicated at first. But if you follow the guide right and watch the video correctly, then you’ll have the shortcuts you want on your home screen. This Siri shortcut app creator is such a great new way to enjoy your new iOS 14.

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