How to Make Apps Transparent on iOS 14

The iOS 14 update brings better and more accessible Widget features than ever to iPhone users. Now Widgets can be used in various third-party applications with a complete display and informative features.

Apple explains “Widgets” in iOS 14 as a way to access the main content of an application so that users can easily find it without having to enter the application. Furthermore, iOS 14 Widget users have the ability to change their widget’s appearance according to what they want; even in some cases, they can make their widget to have a transparent look. If you are curious, Here’s  how to make Apps transparent on iOS 14:

  1. Download the background of your Home Screen.
  2. Arrange the apps with your downloaded background.
  3. Download the App icon, you want to change it to transparent like.
  4. Move to your Laptop and open Pixlr or Photoshop.
  5. Edit your app and matching it with your downloaded background.
  6. Upload your edited and transparent app icon to your iPhone.
  7. Put your edited App icon to your Home Screen with Widget smith.
  8. Done.

The video above will help guide you to have the transparent icon on your updated iOS 14. Make sure you watched it carefully. It is a little hard for the first timer, but after you master it, you can have your home screen to be aesthetic as you want to. People can improvise and become creative with this updated iOS 14, so I believe sooner we’ll find the more convenient way to edit our Apps icon as we want to.

As mentioned above, there are not much third-party applications that support iOS 14 Widgets. We all hope that Sooner there will be more app to support what we really want on our iPhone or iPad. Finally, if this simple article on “How to Make Apps Transparent on iOS 14” could help answer your question, we feel grateful and thanks for coming by.

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