How to Get The Anime Filter on Snapchat

Have you recently come across photos or videos that use the face swap gender filter on social media? Yes, the filters embedded in the Snapchat application are indeed popular nowadays. The camera filter allows users to change faces from girl to boy, and vice versa. As a result, your face, which was ordinary, looks beautiful or handsome.

Even today,the new filter on Snapchat will change you face become more anime like. I’m try it and feel pretty good, even my friend become addicted to this new anime filter on Snapchat. Below I’ll explain on how I can get the anime filter right from the source.

To get the anime filter on Snapchat, You need to open Snapchat on your Snapchat App and use the Snapchat camera to scan the snapcode anime filter image below. Take a photo with your Snapchat App to open the new anime filter lense by facing your camera to the snapcode. Also, you can simply click on the snapcode below if you are visiting this page with your mobile phone so that your anime filter can be unlocked.

how to get the anime filter on snapchat

That’s it, pretty darn simple to get the anime filter on your Snapchat. Also before you clicked the image above, make sure you already have the latest snapchat App in your smartphone, otherwise it won’t work at all. Cause it requires the latest snapchat app in your phone. No matter if you have the iPhone or Android just make sure you have the updated version of your snapchat App.

Video above will also guide you to have the anime filter installed right away on your snapchat app. So that, make sure you also watch the video.

What do you think about “How to Get The Anime Filter on Snapchat ” if there is something you would like to ask or anything, feel free to leave a comment below.


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