How to Connect Airpods to Chromebook

Apple AirPods were originally designed to connect only with Apple devices. However, other devices like Chromebooks can also connect with AirPods through a Bluetooth connection. Find out here how to sync your AirPods with your Chromebook.

Note: The instructions in this article may apply to any model of Chromebook and AirPods.

How to Connect Apple AirPods to a Chromebook

Before you connect your AirPods with a Chromebook, close any music or video apps that are open on your iPhone or other Apple devices. If a media file is playing on your Apple device, then AirPods and Chromebook pairing issues might appear.

To connect your AirPods with a Chromebook, you’ll need to go to Bluetooth settings.

1. On your Chromebook, click on the “Menu” option. It is represented by a network icon and can be found in the lower right corner of the screen, right next to the battery icon and the digital watch. This menu displays many options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, notifications, etc.

2. Select “Bluetooth”, then activate the Bluetooth connection if it is not already. Once Bluetooth is turned on, your Chromebook will automatically search for other available devices that are nearby.

3. Prepare your AirPods by placing them in the charging case.
Note: Always keep the charging case near you so that you can quickly charge AirPods when needed. Bluetooth connection can consume a lot of battery. AirPods have a battery that can last 5 hours of time and the case can add 24 hours of extra battery to them.

4. If your AirPods don’t automatically appear in your Chromebook’s Bluetooth device list, then press and hold the setup button on the back of your AirPods case. The AirPods should then be visible.

Note: Keep a maximum distance of 20 inches between your Chromebook and your AirPods so that the Bluetooth connection can remain stable.

5. On your Chromebook, go to the list of available Bluetooth devices, then select your AirPods. Then confirm the connection confirmation request on your Chromebook.
Note: Once connected, a green light indicator will light up on your AirPods. You’ll also see the “Connected” status in your Chromebook’s Bluetooth settings.

6. The AirPods are now connected with your Chromebook. Once connected, you will be able to adjust the sound volume of your AirPods through the Chromebook.

Also make sure to watch the video below if above steps still not work for you.

How to disconnect Apple AirPods from a Chromebook

To disconnect your AirPods from a Chromebook, then you will need to either turn off your Chromebook’s Bluetooth connection or press and hold the setup button (pairing button) on the back of your AirPods case.

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