How to Change The Color of Apps iOS 14 – Cool Tricks

Along with developing Apple’s latest iOS 14, people are becoming increasingly interested in using Apple products. That’s because Apple has made many changes to its interface with the newest iOS 14.

Now people can change the appearance of their home screen and add widgets. You know, when I first tried to use the widget on my home screen, it felt so damn good. However, because of boredom, I thought of changing my widget color to a color that matches my personality even more. After wasting so much time searching for the solution to it, I finally get it on how to change the iOS 14 widget color. Below, I shared some info with you guys.

To Change The Color of Apps iOS 14, Download the Color Widget in your App Store. Then, open the App and choose the widget you want to edit.  Tap on edit widget button. The menu will pop up and you can customize Theme, background, and font according to your choice. And then tap on “SET WIDGET”. Pick a random photo from your iPhone to set as background.

To put the widget to your home screen, click any empty spot on your home screen until the plus sign pops up on your upper left corner. Click the plus sign and choose the color widgets, that is how to add custom color widgets onto your iOS 14 home screen.

After following all the steps above, I’m pretty sure you already happy with your new widget color on your iPhone’s home screen. Sadly, these apps only can customize one single widget, which shows the day, date, and time. Furthermore, we hope that there will be more options to choose and more widget to optimize later in the recent update.

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